merk ilmoit suosikiks €400 Nice big furnished apartment sheared, central location in Vienna (Rennweg, country road) piilota tämä ilmoitus tuo esiin


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Hello, I'm Sarah and from March till June I'm going to stay in Lisbon for an
internship and I would like to rent my room to someone who would like to
stay in Vienna in this period of time.
In the Øat we are three girls with a really cute small dog, who loves people and
My room is equipped with a double bed, a study desk and a wardrobe etc. We
have two toilets and two bathrooms. (One bathroom is small and it ×ts for one
person: this one is occupied). So you would use the other one, which is big
enough for two and there is also the washing machine inside. One toilet can
be used (its the one with the window) for smoking. You have a big and fully
equipped kitchen which you share with my friends.
Actually we have two kitchen, but we use the other one only for storage.
The living room is a big, bright comfortable room with sofas and a projector
for watching movies.
Our Øat is located in the 3rd district of Vienna. Our area is called Rennweg.
We have a lot of supermarkets and drug stores around here which you can
reach by foot in a minimum of a few minutes. We have almost everything you
need around 100-200 meters.
u can reach the University of Vienna in max 15 min by tram. The WU in max
20 min, TU in 10-15 min ect..
The city center is 5 minutes away by tram. We have two tramways (no. 71 &
no.0). You also have a city train (S bahn in german) which can reach a lot of
places in Vienna. And two buses (4a and 77a).
"Belvedere" is 5 mins away by foot (beautiful park). With the bus 77a it takes
you 10 mins to "Prater" its a big park where you can go jogging and cycling. If
you are out late at night you can take the N71, its the night bus and it replaces
the tram. (the stop is next to my apartment) Weekends and holidays the
metro is working 24 hours.
--> The app "qando" informs you how to get from one place to another!
Please do not hesitate to write me if you have any question! I am looking
forward to hear from you.
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