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I am a published songwriter with a large catalog of songs. Seeking on-line collaborations with solo artists or bands. Must have access to recording studio and be willing to record outside material. Prefer self-contained artists who are singers, multi-instrumentalists, and producers. Cover bands are welcomed.

I was formerly a manager for a solo artist and am currently an independent publisher and songplugger. It is important to think global when pitching songs. I have attempted to use the same approach to record them. If you record my songs, I'll be glad to credit your work and pitch the recordings to the industry.

The singer is very important, as most industry contacts evaluate the singer as much as the song. While full demos may suffice for some songs, "radio ready" recordings allow me to shop the song and artist to additional outlets--including film and television.

Pop, rock, and country. No rap or hip hop. Please include a hyperlink to your music or EPK. Cheers.
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