post zu favoriten €485 cOZY sTUDIO aPARTMENTS fOR rENT iN rESIDENCE hALL iN dONAUSTADT (Kaisermühlenstraße) dieses posting verbergen einbl.


There are various studio apartment available to rent in this large residence hall. The studios each come with a kitchenette area, single bed, desk, wardrobe, and an ensuite bathroom. In addition to the personal kitchen area, there is a larger shared kitchen, as well as a common game room and laundry room.
The residence is located a bit outside the city center in Donaustadt. You are surrounded by water, a short walk to the Danube River. Despite having plenty of building facilities, there is a grocery store, pizzeria, and other restaurants nearby. You are also well-connected to the city by bus and metro. normalads for more info:
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